Thousands Of Radiohead Fans Disappointed After Tickets Sell Out

Thousands of Radiohead fans were left disappointed after tickets sold out in less than 10 mins. The band play 3arena on 20th June – it’s their first show since Malahide Castle in 2008.

Fans around the country have been expressing their frustration on twitter at being unable to get tickets – saying the show was sold out at 1 min past 9.

So is this another case of touts grabbing all the tickets?

In a bid to ensure only genuine fans get to see the band, the purchaser’s name is being printed on the tickets and photo id will need to be presented at the gig.

The problem of touts continues to plague Irish concerts – with some Justin Bieber fans turned away from his Dublin show this week for having forged tickets.

But Ticketmaster’s own method for battling the bots also tends to leave many frustrated.

Ticketmaster say they’re not aware of any problems with the ticket sale and are pleased with how the system stood up.

They say it’s simply a case of the amount of tickets not meeting the demand.

The touts certainly seem undeterred by the new measures – there are already tickets on offer on the Viagogo site from 348 euro.

First broadcast and published on TodayFM on November 4th 2016.


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